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The school is situated in the middle of a housing estate on the outskirts of the City of Bradford and is very close to the
countryside of the Allerton Lanes.

Our pupils either live in the immediate area surrounding the school or in a few cases at various out-lying areas such as Thornton, Sandy Lane and Rhodesway.  Our catchment area is larger than the other local Primary schools as the nearest Catholic Primary schools are further afield at Girlington, Clayton, Heaton and Bingley.

We have wonderful views over the valley to Clayton,
Queensbury and Thornton and have excellent playground and playing field facilities.


ST MATTHEW (Matthew 9 vv 9-12)

Feast Day: 21 September

St Matthew was a tax collector, collecting taxes for the

Tax collectors were not liked by the people and were felt to be untrustworthy.

Jesus offered Matthew the invitation to 'Come Follow Me.'

We in our Catholic community respond to this invitation every day.

Headteacher: Mr R J Stichbury
St Matthew's Catholic Primary School
Saffron Drive, Allerton, Bradford,
W.Yorkshire. BD15 7NE

Phone: 01274 541737  Fax: 01274 496152
Email: R J Stichbury